Without carpentry, the world around us simply wouldn’t be the same. It is this age-old craft that has shaped the homes we live in and the furniture that has provided us with the comfort we are now so used to. That said, we have stayed up-to-date with modern construction methods while maintaining the history of carpentry wisdom that has stood the test of time.

Onslow Contracting has been providing Western Australia’s mining, civil works, and construction sectors with world-class building installation and maintenance services for over three decades. This includes the supply of fully-qualified and experienced carpenters for the construction of sheds, offices, workshops, and building installations.

Sheds, Including Installation

Whatever it is you’re building, construction sites require temporary offices and storage facilities, usually referred to as sheds. This same infrastructure can be used on residential and commercial properties for a variety of permanent applications that include security, storage, and a world of other possibilities.

Roof Carpentry Repairs Pilbara

With a team of highly-trained, fully-qualified tradespeople, we’re able to repair all your existing roof carpentry. We only use Australian standard materials, ensuring that our work is completed with an official quality stamp. Find out more about our carpentry and roofing solutions in Onslow. Contact us.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Carpenters in Onslow

When it comes to pricing, Onslow Contracting believes in complete transparency, ensuring that you’re aware of the costs involved before making use of our services. This means that there will be no hidden costs or surprise invoices, giving you peace-of-mind and the reliability that our company was built upon.

For more information about our carpentry abilities, we suggest speaking directly to a staff member on (08) 9303 9931. After a chat with someone from our team, you’ll better understand how we can tailor our skillset to your exact requirements. For a callback or non-obligation quote, leave us a message.